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Shiny Happy Vehicles

Screenshot showing the vehicle wash option within FUELtran

Have you ever noticed the "Vehicle Wash" box in FUELtran and wondered what it was for?

When the FUELlink terminal is connected to a suitable multi-program vehicle wash, the Vehicle Wash number is the program number assigned to that vehicle.

For example, program 1 could tell the wash equipment to clean a van whereas program 4 could be for a double decker bus. Open top vehicles such as skiploaders may use program 7 and coaches could be assigned to program 12. The different programs allow the wash equipment to adjust itself to match the characteristics of the vehicle being washed to ensure the best possible cleaning cycle for that vehicle type.

The actual program numbers in use are defined within the wash equipment. However, rather than ask drivers to memorise the specific number for their vehicle and type that into a keypad each time the wash is used, FUELtran stores the number against each vehicle. That way, when the drivers present their tag, card or key at the FUELlink terminal, it automatically sends the wash number across to the wash machine. It also stores a record once the vehicle has been washed to confirm that you really do have shiny happy vehicles!

Picture of a FUELlink terminal installed on the side of a multi-program vehicle wash


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