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From the depot to the desktop in Essex

As a change to the recent biomethane installations, we were in Essex installing a FUELlink terminal at a longstanding customer’s newly acquired garage. It controls two wall mounted units which are used to fuel buses at the end of their shift.

Wall mounted FUELlink fuel management terminal alongside a wall mounted diesel fuel dispenser

Using the FUELlink terminal means that all transactions are accurately monitored to ensure that every drop of fuel is recorded.

In common with their other sites, the transaction data is securely transmitted to their web portal within a few seconds of completion. There are no complicated download or ring-round procedures to follow as their data really does flow seamlessly and automatically from the depot to the desktop.

This ensures they have up to the second information across their company’s operations. The resulting data can be accessed using a phone, tablet or computer connected to their FUELtran web portal.


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