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Back in 2010, FUELlink staff came up with the concept of a fuel management system centred around customers' needs. The original design has developed into the FUELlink Fuel Management Terminal and FUELtran Fuel Management Software. Together, they provide a truly online system that integrates with third party systems to provide a seamless flow of data. In March 2022, the company became part of The Triscan Group, the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of fuel management systems.

Our products include the FUELlink ST fuel management system controlling around a billion litres of fuel, FUELtran fuel management software integrating onsite and bunkered fuel in an easy to use web portal and the Optimum FS non-spill fuel system that saves companies millions of pounds in preventing spilled/siphoned fuel. Our most recent product, VINIE, offers automatic vehicle identification combined with odometer readings and vehicle fuel tank levels to ensure accurate MPG figures. Each of these unique products has been developed and improved through customer feedback throughout our history to date.

FUELlink makes the commitment to undertake any request from a customer. If you have a problem then FUELlink will endeavour to find the right solution for your fuelling needs.

Our Mission

To provide the most accurate and innovative fuel management solutions on the market.

Regardless of industry or fleet size, FUELlink can provide the right fuelling solution to take control of your fuel.


Our manufacturing and development base is in Accrington and our fuel management systems can be found all over the UK from Orkney to Cornwall. Our network of distributors actively sell, install and support our equipment in Ireland, East Africa, Singapore and Brunei.

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