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Integrating with our fuel management system using Bluetooth technology, VINIE combines the benefits of automatic vehicle identification, odometer transfer and vehicle fuel tank level readings. This data is transferred at the point of fuelling for live accurate data, reducing the hours spent correcting human errors by eliminating the need to manually enter odometer or mileage readings.

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Vehicle ID

Our FMS automatically detects the closest vehicle fitted with VINIE, eliminating incorrect vehicle fuelling.

High Mileage Odometer Isolated on Black.


Collected from the CAN/ECU and transferred automatically, reducing the hours spent correcting human error.


Fuel Tank %

VINIE can measure the vehicle's fuel tank contents, if a sensor is fitted, and display this prior to fuelling.

Mounting Options

VINIE can be supplied with different mounting options to utilise the best fitting for your vehicles. External mounting can be used for replacing existing equipment, whereas internal mounting is available to securely affix the unit to glass without altering the vehicle's bodywork.


External Mounting

Fitted to the bodywork of the vehicle.


Internal Mounting

Fitted in the cab of the vehicle near the driver.

VINIE takes information directly from the CAN/ECU of the vehicle using a contactless, non-galvanic connection. This method of data collection is non-intrusive and does not interfere with vehicle systems.

By utilising the automated system, this has be proven in our trials to reduce the fuelling times and improve vehicle throughput at the fuelling location. With the human error factor removed from the fuelling process, this helps to improve back office efficiency by eliminating the work usually associated with correcting odometer readings or an incorrect vehicle tag being presented.

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