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Fuel Management System

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The FUELlink ST fuel management system is manufactured within the UK. Versions are available suitable for wall mount, free standing pedestal or integrated with a fuel pump for a true "all in one" solution. There's even a battery powered model suitable for mounting on a mobile fuel bowser. The FUELlink ST offers a complete range of solutions fulfil all commercial fuelling needs. 

Manufactured using long lasting, stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion, the enclosure is treated with a powder coated finish to provide a durable finish.


Wall Mount

Where the fuel management system is to be mounted on walls or within a tank cabinet at a user friendly height.



Pedestal mounted terminal for use in a free-standing area when bolted to a fuel island, base or platform.



Fuel management system complete with fuel pump or dispenser in the same cabinet for a true "all in one" solution.

The FUELlink fuel management terminals are capable of controlling fuel pumps, dispensers and other devices such as vehicle washes and traffic access barriers. Multiple fuel and products are available including Diesel, Petrol, Gas Oil, AdBlue, LPG, CNG, Electrical Charging Stations, Single and Multi-Program Vehicle Washes. All terminals are fitted with a 7" full colour TV screen to ensure visibility and maximise on-screen information, providing the biggest and brightest display of any fuel management on the market.


24/7 Data

Available online 24/7 every day of the year


Stainless Steel

Ensuring a long service life in all weathers


Trusted Data

Secure, encrypted communications

FUELlink ST systems are located across the whole of the UK ranging from the Orkney Isles to the south coast of England. We have terminals at the base of Ben Nevis and in remote island fishing ports, proving our high gain aerials receive signals in even the most remote areas. Our distributors sell and support our fuel management systems in Ireland, mainland Europe, East Africa, Singapore and Brunei.

Our fuel management terminals are continuously awake, guaranteeing instant access to fuel 24/7 each and every day of the year.

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Office Efficiency

Reduce the hours spent correcting errors


Detect Theft

Detect theft at the pump or on the road


Multiple Pumps

Authorise and monitor multiple fuelling grades

The FUELtran software is web based and is accessible from any internet enabled smart device such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The complete reports package comes as standard with FUELtran and can be used on an ad hoc basis or with export data downloaded as required or sent via email.

Reduce the hours associated with controlling fuel and fixing mistakes commonly associated with human error. Our automatic data capture solutions combined with our powerful reports package ensures staff require less time controlling fuel. Solutions include VINIE which is a Bluetooth enabled device connected to the CAN/ECU of the vehicle and our Telematics interface allowing data transfer at a server level from telematics providers.

Close monitoring of fuelling and vehicle MPG figures will help the detection of potential fuel theft on site or via roadside siphoning. By linking our fuel management system (FMS) with an electronic tank gauge, tank alerts are displayed within the FUELtran fuel portal.


Automatic Data

AVI with data capture from the CAN / ECU


Secure Fuelling

Monitor bunkered and fuel card fuellings


Live Data

Live fuelling screens for rapid error response

The FUELlink ST features a unique two way messaging system that allows transport or fleet managers to send messages specific to the vehicle or driver. These messages can be programmed by the system user to whatever variation they would like and must be acknowledged before fuelling can commence. Some examples of use include "Vehicle due scheduled maintenance on Tuesday" or "Mary Street shut for repairs diversion in place via Scott Drive".

Standard with the FUELtran software is the live fuelling screen. These screens can be set up on individual monitors to allow a fleet or transport manager to monitor all fuelling operations in real time. The screens are colour coded to quickly identify any issues that may arise during the fuelling process.

Identification methods for the FUELlink ST include RFID tags, VINIE, ANPR, Fuel cards, Dallas keys and RFID cards. Vehicles, drivers and fuellers can be uniquely identified to provide full traceability. Some methods such as VINIE can be utilised further by adding the CAN/ECU interface for data transfer to the FMS.

Identification Methods



Accesible on keyring and can be used for both vehicle, driver or fueller identification.



Vehicle mounted bluetooth transmitter 

offering automatic vehicle identification with data transfer.

Security CCTV camera in office building.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition system that can identify a vehicle by reading the vehicle registration.



Customers who use fuel card can reuse these cards as a method of ID while using bunkered fuel.



Dallas touch keys that are already in use for vehicle or driver identification can be utilised with our FMS.



Personnel cards for secure access can be used with our system for driver identification.

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