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Biomethane for sustainable transport

We’ve been busy this month in Oxfordshire and Kent with more #sustainable transport #biomethane refuelling. This continues our work towards meeting, and exceeding, the Paris climate change reduction goal.

FUELlink fuel management terminal alongside an LNG storage tank showing a vehicle being fuelled with gas

Sometimes known as Renewable Natural Gas or RNG, biomethane is a naturally clean fuel which can be used just like natural gas but does not involve the extraction of fossil fuels from the ground and the subsequent release of that captured carbon. When biomethane is compressed as CNG or LNG, it can be used as a sustainable motor fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and delivering cheaper fuel costs.

For motor fuel use, the gas is stored in an above ground storage tank which is continuously weighed by the FUELlink fuel management terminal to monitor the stock level. This information is recorded and relayed back to the FUELtran web portal.

LNG tanker getting ready to delivery a supply of LNG fuel

When it is time for a gas delivery into the storage tank, the tanker driver connects their tanker to the storage tank, presents their RFID delivery tag to the FUELlink terminal and starts the delivery process. At the end of the delivery, the tanker is disconnected, the tanker driver presents their delivery tag to the FUELlink terminal to generate an LNG delivery record.

To fuel a vehicle, the driver connects the delivery nozzle and vent to their vehicle then they present their RFID fuel tag to the FUELlink terminal to start the fuelling process.

Vehicle being fuelled with LNG

Once fuelling has completed, the nozzle and vent are disconnected from the vehicle. The transaction is automatically completed at the terminal and it is immediately forwarded to the FUELtran portal to provide up to the second information on the fuel facility. It is fast, efficient and environmentally friendly.


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