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Less CO2, less NOx, more data

Did you know that the largest fleet of bio-gas buses anywhere in the world is operated by NCT in Nottingham and that every single kilogram of gas is controlled and recorded by #FUELlink Systems?

Not only that, but each vehicle is equipped with #VINIE, which seamlessly transfers data by Bluetooth direct from the engine to NCT’s #FUELtran web portal to ensure they have up to the second information on the performance of their vehicles.

Gary Mason, engineering director at NCT said “Compared to a diesel equivalent, these buses are cheaper to run. They perform in the same way as a conventional diesel bus in terms of short refuelling times, long range and ease of maintenance, but the fuel is more cost-effective. Environmentally, they are also making a significant impact.”

Less CO2, less NOx, more data.

CNG powered double decker bus at a fuel bay


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