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Integrated Install at Hearn's Coaches

FUELlink fuel management combined with a pump display
Integrated FUELlink Systems Fuel Management System

One of our long-standing service and maintenance contract customers, Hearn's Coaches were previously working with a dated fuel management system that was becoming slower, in turn increasing their downtime. The company then enquired about an upgrade, from this our task was to remove all of the existing fuel system hardware and fit new FUELlink electronics complete with a new door. The existing system was integrated with their fuel pump, which was still in good shape due to the pump servicing we provide for them.

With the benefit of having engineers situated across the country, the install was carried out in a quick and well-organised manner. This changeover was made easy through both our engineer and IT department working together to get the install done, allowing fuelling to commence immediately after power was introduced and final checks were completed.

All of which was recognised by the Business Manager at Hearn's;

Hearns coach parked at the side of a driveway

"Just a quick note to say thank you for a very efficient and seamless upgrade to our system…. An efficient fuel delivery system is absolutely paramount to the ongoing day to day success of our operations.

We know full well that it's all too easy these days for people to make complaints when things go wrong but they're not quite so forthcoming when all is well so I'm saying thank you for a job well done!"

Transferring their existing data was done by our IT department and integrated into their new system, ensuring that there were no gaps in their records. We also gave confirmation for the use of their existing vehicle identifiers so they did not have to go to the trouble of reissuing new tags to all of their vehicles, which allowed for a harmonious transition from one system to another.


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