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Permark Pumps Recognition

As part of our team, we have a national network of engineers and distributors that specialise in the fuelling industry. Permark Pumps is one of our long-term distributors, with many installs of our Fuel Management Systems completed by them. Permark has always applied their comprehensive knowledge to ensure each install is expertly suited to their customers across retail and commercial sites.

"Permark Pumps is a family run business serving the commercial & retail oil industry in Ireland.

FUELlink introduced Permark Pumps to web-based Fuel Management Systems (FMS), which has been a great success with our customers who all find the system easy to use.

From day one we noticed high quality of both the equipment and staff.  The customer service, build quality & technical knowledge FUELlink has is all to the standard of excellence.

Software was rewritten to suit our customers’ needs which is a plus to us as not all customers’ needs are the same.

In our recent installations Permark have installed FUELlink in oil depot gantries, bowser vehicles, bus depots & commercial yards.

It’s a pleasure to be working with FUELlink & opening the Irish market to their system."

- Stephen Markey (Service Engineer, Permark Pumps)

A core value that both FUELlink and Permark share is a customer centred approach. The work we have carried out with Permark has always ensured that service and product is personally tailored. We have made some significant developments to our product in-line with our distributors and their customers’ requirements, as their opinion is a key driver to ensuring we can offer a fuel management system centred around customers' needs.

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