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Product Overview

Take control of your fuel

How does FUELlink work?

Why use FUELlink?

What is a Fuel Management System?

Take control of your fuel


Fuel is generally one of the two highest costs to a company, sometimes it is THE highest cost.

At FUELlink Systems, we believe in using technology to bring fuel costs under control. The modern approach to fuel control is multifarious and includes Fuel Management, Fuel Card Integration, Fleet Management and Vehicle Telematics.


We believe that by interfacing with the various strands of fuel control we can provide the most complete solution, giving our customers the best possible service.


Now with VINIE you can take control of your vehicles mileage records automatically at the point of fuelling for the first time through Bluetooth technology. VINIE offers automatic vehicle identification and automatic mileage and fuel tank transfer info the fuel management system.


How does FUELlink work?


FUELlink uses a combination of powerful Software and the most up-to-date digital communications to provide a real-time feed to our customers. The system can be activated by various methods where fuel is held on site and can even operate purely on fuel cards alone.


Each transaction is allocated an Audit Reference, allowing for total traceability. Questions can be asked of the driver/fueller and appear on our 7” full colour screen. These questions must be answered prior to fuel being drawn.


The system controls the start/stop of the pumps, providing security over fuel access and the transactions are visible on the secure website approx. 40 seconds after the nozzle is replaced. The Software package provides reports that can be scaled from the whole fleet down to an individual vehicle or driver. The reports can then be formatted and exported if required.


Why use FUELlink?


At FUELlink we are always ahead of the game by continuously developing our products to offer more and more data to our customers. Our latest development VINIE allows contactless automatic mileage transfer and vehicle identification through Bluetooth.


Our customer base currently includes Local Authorities in England, Scotland & Wales, large & small Bus/Coach operators, large & small Haulage Contractors and Emergency Services.  Our Irish distributor Permark Pumps controls our market in Ireland.


FUELlink Systems customers range from The Orkney Islands to Cornwall, Norfolk to Pembrokeshire, we have customers in EVERY major city in the UK.


We are trusted to control over half a million litres of fuel being dispensed every day.


What is a fuel management System?


A Fuel Management System is primarily put in place to prevent unauthorised fuel use of your fuel pumps, using fobs or cards at the terminal it allows fuel to be drawn for vehicles.


The additional benefits of the system are that it will record all fuel data, giving you access to how much was taken, who took it and when it was taken. Reports are generated on our FUELtran software that can be automatically forwarded to you in email format on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Fuel Management is a useful tool for fleets to protect and monitor their fuel, it saves staff time by collecting all the data accurately, which can then be exported in report format for easy viewing.

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